Impact Of The Slave Trade In Africa

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Africa and the slave trade had a huge impact on the development of the new world culture and especially in the making of America. This was mainly fueled by the slave trade, but the link to other continents emanated from the Atlantic Slave Trade. Furthermore, the slave trade was vital in transforming various economies, especially with the high demand for labor on various continents especially in relation to large-scale farming. This mainly started in Africa before a similar trend was recorded in Europe and the Mediterranean. Initially, slaves were exposed to either agricultural or domestic work. As a result of the slave trade and the spread of slavery, there was a large number of Africans working in Barcelona, Spain in the early 15th century. This created a leeway for the spread of slave trade across Europe, thereby leading to the distribution of Africans. Even though slaves were not crucial to the success of the European economy at that period, they were still in large numbers. Countries, such as Mali, practiced slave trade long before the Atlantic Slave Trade. In African culture, slavery was practiced for a very long time, however, during this period slave trade was approached differently given that in some cases slaves were allowed to have certain rights. To some extent, they were even allowed to gain their freedom in the long run. As a result, there were different cases of slavery, which included criminal, military, war captives as well as debt slavery, but this varied
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