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ABSTRACT Today, tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world and everyone recognizes its importance in the development of any economy. The most striking feature of tourism is that the suppliersof the tourism service stay where they are, and the tourists come to them. India's glorious traditions and rich cultural heritage are closely related with the development of tourism. Tourism has a significant economic impact at almost all levels— international, domestic as well as regional. It generates employment and income, which ultimately leads to a generally increased level of economic activity in the country. In the present article, an effort has been made to highlight the FEE (Foreign Exchange Earning) and FTA (Foreign…show more content…
Tourism shouldgenerate employment and income, lead to a positive tourism balance of payments, stimulate thesupplying sectors of tourism, and lead to a generally increased level of economic activity in thecountry( Thescenario of the World tourism industry is always in a state of flux. It isreckoned that end of 21st century will see the World tourism industry generating nearly500 million job opportunities for the people(Patawari Swapna, 2011). It is an important sector of the economy andcontributes significantly in the country’s GDP as well as Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE)( What makes tourism different from many other services is that the supplier stays where he is, and the tourist comes to him rather than the supplier taking his services to the…show more content…
To assess the impact of tourism Industry on India’s economy and challenges in the development of tourism industry in India vis a vis UNWTO vision 2020. 2. To observe tourism as a growing industry in terms of earning revenue, foreign exchange and providing employment opportunities in India. 3. To determine the share of Indian Tourism Industry vis a vis the rest of the World and especially the Asian and Pacific region. Research Methodology: To achieve the desired result the study was dependon a range ofsecondary data collected from variousgovernment sources such as published and unpublished records of Ministry of Tourism Government of India, World Tourism and Travel ,WorldTourism Organization and other relevantwebsites.Data was also accumulated through various sources like books, magazines, journals,reference materials, research articles, research papers, and reports. It also attempt to recognize why country like India is doing well in promoting tourism than others. The findings were discussed in the light ofpublished literature. Analysis and Interpretation: Tourism in the

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