Impact Of Tourism Industry In Sri Lanka

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Tourism industry in the country and its impact on people and wealth Introduction Introduction to Sri Lanka and its economy Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. After gaining independence from the British in 1948 the country continues to attract foreign investors and tourists to the island. The country boasts a proud heritage of over 3000 years from the Anuradhapura period to Polonaruwa period. At present, it is one of the major foreign exchange generating industries in Sri Lanka and nearly 1, 50,000 people directly or indirectly depend on the industry for their livelihood. [2] The end of the civil conflict in Sri Lanka in 2010 marked a tipping point in the…show more content…
The World Tourism Organization’s (WTO) third UN Millennium Development Goal is to promote gender equality, empower women in education and all work sectors. More than 600 leading women professional are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka for the events. [4] Tourism is also a means of contributing to mutual understanding of ethical values common to humanity, such as tolerance and respect for the diversity of religions; relaxation, sports, and access to culture and nature. [4] Income can also be boosted by selling cultural products, crafts and folklore exhibitions. In 2002 702.6 million arrivals globally in 2002, mostly from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Tourism is currently one of Sri Lanka’s top five exports with foreign earnings from tourism contributing US$ 253 million in 2002…show more content…
After the world war the aviation industry also boosted allowing people to use the national airline Sri Lankan Airlines to embark into the country. After the war the GDP and economy increased allowing tourists to visit all the locations to all over the country mine free and terrorism free. Some of the more pressing weaknesses of the industry is that Sri Lanka needs to have a more specific guideline of tourism packages, hotel descriptions in terms of star ratings, better holiday promotions which will allow the tourist to make specific plans for their holiday giving them more value for their money worth. Provides access for the physically challenged people; and take measures to avoid overcrowding and pollution of famous attractions in the

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