Impact Of Tourism On Coral Reefs

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2. Impacts of Tourism on Environmental Attributes of Small Islands Environmental attributes which are related to tourism in the islands include coral reefs, beach, water, vegetation, wildlife and fisheries (Farid et al, 2013; Uyarra et al, 2005; Teh and Cabanban, 2007). Coral reefs are one of the attributes that has received critical attention as facing visible effects of tourism activities (Briassoulis, 2002; Hall; 2001; Gladstone et al, 2012 Needham, 2008; Nuva R et al, 2009). Tourism activities are able to affect coral reefs either directly or indirectly (Reopanichkul, 2009). Direct effect implies to the intrusion to the coral community through accidental disturbance. This derives from coral breaking, boats colliding with reefs and damage from anchors. Snorkelling, diving and reef walking are other tourism activities that are believed to have a direct effect on coral breaking (Hall, 2001; Needham, 2008; Gladstone et al, 2012). The improper and uncontrolled manner in conducting these activities can lead to major damage on coral reefs.///////
The indirect effect of tourism on coral reef rises from the alteration of the water quality surrounding the reefs through pollution. Pollution of the water quality is usually linked to improper behaviour of tourist, overcrowding of visitors, tourism infrastructure development and poor waste management (Briasoullis, 2002; Hall, 2001; Reopanichkul, 2009). Tourist behaviour towards the impairment of coral reef in the

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