What Are The Pros And Cons Of Urbanization

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Urbanization is the process of transformation from a predominantly rural to a predominantly urban population with an increase in urban settlements and rise in the number of people engaging in non-agricultural occupations. (slideshare) This has been extensively affecting the Indian society and has become one of the pre-eminent features of the same. Growth of industries has lead to the growth of towns and cities with in-migration of people from the rural areas, in pursuit of employment and income opportunities. In India the term 'urban ' would signify a settlement with a minimum population of 5000 people and an aggregate 75% of the working section of society engaging in non-agricultural activities. An Indian 'urban ' town shall also…show more content…
India has an approximate of 300 million people living in the urban areas eventually leading to overcrowding of cities and people being forced to live in poor and unsafe conditions including illegal buildings, water lines, lack of electricity etc. Urbanization is contributing heavily to pollution and environmental damage as well. It has also resulted in a disparity in the market due to excessive demand and limited resources to fulfil those demands. Urbanization poses an unprecedented economic and policy challenge which India has not found ways to tackle. Thus it cannot decide whether urbanization is a positive or a negative change for the nation.
The choices that India makes to manage the process of its urbanization will have profound consequences for its people and its economic future. But the approaches India 's policy makers take will have much broader resonance beyond their own borders. (McKinsey&Co.) Thus, like any other phenomenon, Urbanization has its positive and negative effects on the India 's development and progress. It cannot be completely shunned on the basis of its disadvantages as it is also a very essential part of the country 's growth.
India is on the move. Economic reform has already unleashed investment and growth offering its citizens rich opportunities.
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