How Did Woodrow Wilson Define American Foreign Policy In The Twentieth Century

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In my opinion I think that Woodrow Wilson did the most to define American foreign policy in the twentieth century. In the 20th century the United States were involved in two world wars and along with its allies defeated its enemies and also increasing its international reputation. President Woodrow Wilson made the Fourteen Points which were developed from his idealistic Wilsonianism program of spreading democracy and fighting militarism so as to end wars. The Fourteen Points were the basis of the German Armistice and the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The USA never joined the League of Nations, which was established from Wilson Fourteen points. Wilson felt that all people had the right to self determination and that people in every country should have the right to choose their own government. Protecting democracy throughout the world initially meant protecting the …show more content…

German foreign secretary requested that Mexico declare war on the US if the Unites States declare war on Germany. President Woodrow Wilson requested that Congress declared war on Germany and stating “The world must be made safe for democracy”. Congress declared war on April 6 and President Wilson signed the war deceleration the next day April 7. Wilson said that the United States was not fighting as an Allied power but fighting only for moral reasons, namely to protect democracy from tyranny to promote peace throughout the world. Congress enacted a selective service bill in 1917 with a purpose of drafting young men into going in armed forces. General John J. Pershing was appointed by Wilson as commander of US forces in Europe and sent him to France to assist allied leaders and had two orders to go in France to fight and return home. By the end of the War 1,200,000 were stationed in France and 112,000 soldiers had

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