Impact Of Woodrow Wilson's Foreign Policy

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In my opinion I think that Woodrow Wilson did the most to define American foreign policy in the twentieth century. In the 20th century the United States were involved in two world wars and along with its allies defeated its enemies and also increasing its international reputation. President Woodrow Wilson made the Fourteen Points which were developed from his idealistic Wilsonianism program of spreading democracy and fighting militarism so as to end wars. The Fourteen Points were the basis of the German Armistice and the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The USA never joined the League of Nations, which was established from Wilson Fourteen points. Wilson felt that all people had the right to self determination and that people in every country should have the right to choose their own government. Protecting democracy throughout the world initially meant protecting the fledgling republics in Latin America that had struggled in decades with pressures from European powers, corrupt governments and American imperialism under President Roosevelt. To make up for this mistakes and to show that the United States did indeed intent to uphold the Monroe doctrine, Wilson spent few years dealing with Latin American issues. Wilson persuaded Congress to withdraw the 1912 Panama Canal act which exempted American ships from paying the required toll for passage through the canal. In 1903 he signed a treaty with Colombia to apologize for Roosevelt’s aggression during the American-driven Panama

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