Impact Of Yoga On Organizational Performance

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IMPACT OF YOGA ON ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE (An Implication to Soldiers) Dr. Nitin Girdharwal Associate Professor Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad Affiliated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow Introduction: The globalization of the industrial world makes it imperative for organizations to put special emphasis on organizational innovation, flexibility, productivity, and responsiveness for changing the external conditions of their performance. Organizational performance can be measured in terms of different criteria for different organizations, and it depends to a great extent on the goals of an organization. However, one way of comparing organizations with different goals is to identify surrogate indicators of performance. In this research paper. I have utilized the past studies and relevant literature to identify five organizational factors that can be used as alibis to assess the performance of an organization from the view point of the set objectives. These factors are common to most organizations, and therefore, can be used to make comparisons between companies or other defense groups. Aim of the Study: Today, there is considerable interest among the management practitioners and researchers with regard to the role and benefits of introducing spirituality at the workplace. Yoga is generally perceived to be a way of keeping oneself healthy and happy. However, so far, very few empirical studies have been undertaken to

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