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A Descriptive Study of Impact of Mobile Marketing on Consumer behavior in India.
Mobile marketing is the collaborating multichannel promotion of products or services for mobile phones and devices, smartphones and networks. Mobile marketing is marketing on a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas. Some mobile marketing is similar to advertising delivered over other electronic channels such as text, graphic and voice messages. SMS messaging is currently the most common delivery channel for mobile marketing. Search engine marketing is the second-most common channel, followed by display-based campaigns.
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To study the concept of Mobile marketing in India. 2. To evaluate the impact of Mobile marketing on consumers’ behavior in India.

Methodology: The study is qualitative and descriptive in nature and for the purpose of the present study; mainly secondary data have been used. The required secondary data were collected from the e-journals on different websites, research papers, various reports and newspaper articles published online.

Marketing through cellphones' SMS (Short Message Service) became more and more popular in the early 2000s in Europe and some parts of Asia. Over the past few years SMS marketing has become a legitimate advertising channel in some parts of the world. This is because unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who police their own networks have set strategies and best practices for the mobile media industry (including mobile advertising). The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), as well, have established guidelines and are evangelizing the use of the mobile channel for marketers. Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Europe and Asia as a new channel to reach
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