Online Shopping Influence On Consumer Behavior

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Imagine your last online shopping experience. You saw an advertisement about the double 12 shopping festival. Then you click the website, you saw millions of products and attractive discount. Then you find something you want to buy. After checking others’ feedback, it seemed to be quite good . finally you decided to buy it. And maybe you will go back to the shopping website to score the product after buying it. Choosing , analysis,feedback are the main parts of an online shopping experience. Shopping on the Internet changed consumers ‘ behavior in all these fields.

Influence on online consumers’ purchasing willingness As Internet is more and more convenient today, countless products are advertised through Web. However ,as the producers choose Web to be a shopping channel , consumers are not that accepted. According to a survey by U.S. Department of Commerce, more than 67% of the Internet users would search
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Its important to have some basic knowledge of tools keeping our information safe online. To simply avoid the risky behavior cant always keep us totally away from the danger, so its better for us to know how to protect. Influence on online trust Consumer empowerment is a crucial step to form users’ trust on Internet shopping, which also explains why online shopping married with lack of trust and growing privacy concerns can still exist for decades of years science it came into being.
“Consumer empowerment is a psychological construct related to the individual 's perception of the extent to which he/she can control the distribution and use of his/her personally identifying information.”(Vishal Midha,2012)

According to psychologists’ search, the lack of trust between consumers and companies is mainly caused by privacy concerns(M.J. Culnan, P.K. Armstrong,1999). On the Internet , industry failing to effectively mount purchasers’ concern leading to consumers’ trust

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