Impact Student Learning And Support The Goals And Mission Of My Clinical Site

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This topic is a very important aspect that may be used in my classroom to impact student learning and support the goals and mission of my clinical site. One way it impacts student learning is it allows students to have an active role in their learning. Students can use technology as a way to enhance student learning. It will change my role to not be the focus, but be a facilitator. It will help my students reach their goals, but gives them control over the situation. Also, as the teacher it helps me make sure my students are being supplied the necessary resources and to give students general support. Also, it will help me relate my student’s experiences to the objectives of my lessons. Having an understanding of what and when to use a planned beginning,…show more content…
In my classroom I can use planned discussion to impact student learning. It will impact student learning by giving students the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, and express their ideas clearly. It will also allow students to evaluate not only their own learning, but also of their peers. It gives students the opportunity to reflect on ideas that are different from their own. It will give my students an opportunity to share personal opinions. It supports the goals and mission of my clinical sight by helping me have an idea of what needs to be done to prepare my students for a discussion. First, I need to look at the difference in language, how each student learns, how they react in a situation, and how my students view themselves in multicultural setting. It makes sure I am creating a classroom environment that accepts cultural and ethnic diversity in classroom discussion. It impacts student learning by educating me that I need to teach my students the basic skills required to do the discussion. If I did not teach my students these skills, their needs would not be met to be fuly engaged in learning. It also teaches me how to prepare for a planned discussion to make sure my students’ learning is being
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