Impact The Impact And Impact Its Impact On Society Impact Society?

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Impact of HCI Society: The development of computers has affected our generation as we now use computers/technology in our everyday lives, people who are disabled especially rely on the use of computers to support their general needs and to make sure that they fulfill their live. Forexaple, if an individual can speak they can use a computer that has text-to-voice on it so that it will speak for them and all they need to do is type into the computer what they want the computer to say and the computer will them say it. Also a computer can also be used to translate your native language into another so that you wouldn 't need to learn the language and still understand what they are saying or know what you want to say in the other language. This is used as it saved time and effort as they don 't need to spend time learning the language. An example, is google translator, which can be accessed from a device that has an internet connection. Touchscreens Before touchscreens were introduced mobile phones used to be controlled and operated using buttons which was very complex and limited the user to certain uses. Touch screens has more of a friendlier user interface than a button phone and is much easier to use. However, with a button keyboard is it much more easier to type as with a touch screen you could press more than one button at a time. Also touchscreen requires just one press on the screen to say get to you contacts but with buttons you will in to use the keyboard to either
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