Impacts Of ICT In Education

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The upsurge in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the present world has affected teaching and learning in most educational schools in the country. The educational industry like other service industries has its own share of ICT influence. This study assesses the impact of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on the teaching and learning of pre-technical skills in basic schools in Adenta Municipal. This chapter thus presents the introduction, discussing the background of the study, stating the aims of the study, the problem statement and the relevance of the study among others. Background of the Study
Today, the world is very dynamic and various levels of educational institutions are
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Therefore, the study views it as the use of computer-based communications technology that serves as a form of network to help ascertain information. This includes computer hardware and software that can be used for teaching and learning and information resources (Goay & Wong, 2003). Its importance serves as premium for any given institution. Hence, the application of information and communication technologies in education has been categorized into two main divisions namely; ICTs for education and ICTs in education. The ICTs for education identifies the development of information and communications technology especially for teaching-learning purposes while the ICTs in education includes the adoption of basic elements of information and communication technologies in the teaching-learning process (Bindu,…show more content…
ICTs have the potential to innovate, accelerate, enrich, and deepen skills, to motivate and engage students, to help relate school experience to work practices, create economic viability for tomorrow 's workers, as well as strengthening teaching and helping schools change (Davis & Tearle, 1999). It is believe that ICT has impacted greatly on teaching and learning; hence, the use of ICT helps students to communicate, share ideas, and work as a team anywhere, anytime. This includes teleconferencing classroom where students around the country are invited to meet together for discussion related to a specific topic. Under such circumstances students besides acquiring knowledge collectively, also share their learning experiences, which enable to express themselves and contemplate on their learning and also helps to involve the students in a global collaborative learning. Hence, the adoption and use of ICTs in basic educational schools have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Despite the roles ICTs can play in education, basic schools in the country have yet to extensively adopt them for teaching and learning of pre-technical skills. Therefore, it becomes obvious that research focusing in this area is urgent and indispensable for management aiming to further develop effectively and successfully implement ICT in basic

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