Impacts Of Print Media And Electronic Media On Social Development

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TOPIC IS: Impact of print media and an electronic media on social development. 1-media a- (print media) b- (electronic media) What is Media? A communication channel is for the dissemination of news, entertainment, education, data or promotional information. Media includes every broadcast and narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax and Internet. The media is multiple media and can take the plural or singular verbs depending on the desired sensation. Types of media: • Print media. • Electronic media. Print media: Print media advertising is a form of advertising that uses physically printed media (such as magazines and newspapers) to reach consumers, business customers, and prospects. Advertisers also use digital media, such as banner ads, mobile ads, and social media ads, to reach the same target audience. Electronic media: A broadcast or storage medium is utilizing electronic technology. They may include televisions, radios, the Internet, faxes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and any other medium that requires power or digital information encoding. The term electronic medium is usually in contrast to a print medium. Impact of Media on society: There are many effects of media on society and they are positive as well as negative. Some of them are given below:

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