Impacts Of Violent Video Games

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Impacts of Violent Video Games Nowadays, many cases related to violence happens in Indonesia. Violence cases does not only happen around adults but also happens around teenagers and children. Video games become one of the factors that causes the violence around teenagers and children. A study published in Psychological Science March 2010 showed that intense consumption of multimedia games will worsen the child 's ability to read and write. Exposure to video games make kids focus split because they are busy thinking of ways to improve their game scores. As quoted from Shine, research was conducted on a number of boys focusing on the age of 6-9 years. They played video games for four full months without interruption from other games. Children ages 2-11 years is estimated to have access to video games by 71 percent (Oktiani et al., 2010). There are many places in Indonesia that provide a service for teenagers and children to play video games such as PlayStation corner or game online corner. On the other hand, some parents think that video games is just an entertainment for their children, weekend usually become the time for children to play video games as relaxation from their activity in school so the parents give them permission to play video games then children have easy access to play video games. In fact, based on Buchman and Funk research said that almost all popular video games are violent (Buchman and Funk as cited in Dill, 1996). Even though they know that most of

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