Imperial Presidency: Examples Of Imperialism In The United States

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Imperial Presidency Imperial presidency can be described as when a president uses a greater power without the implement of Congress or the other branches. The three branches of government include the executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch consists of the president. The legislative branch has the Senate and House of Representatives. The Judicial branch supports the Supreme and lower courts such as state. These branches work together to provide an equal and fair judgement on laws. There have been many examples of imperial presidents all over the world. American presidency is not an “imperial presidency.” Imperial presidency is being very loosely used in the United States. The term imperial can be defined as relating to an empire, which is not the case in America. Some researches feel as though imperialism exists due to the old out breaks of past presidents. Imperialism can affect our country by slowly turning it into a monarchy. If…show more content…
Bush, William McKinley, and Lyndon B Johnson have all exhibited examples of imperial presidency. George W. Bush can be counted as one of the numerous presidents that had a hand in imperial presidency for many reasons. According to George Carey, a professor of Government at Georgetown University, said, “Specifically, particularly since 9/11, it has been widely reported that one of the major goals of the administration of George W. Bush is the restoration of the presidential prerogatives and powers that were diminished or preempted principally during the Nixon and Reagan administrations.” George Carey was trying to point out George W. Bush and his strong and prominent want for more power. William McKinley contributed to imperial presidency by implementing a war on Spain. Finally, Lyndon B. Johnson and his involvement didn’t shock too many people, he sent out about 20,000 troops to the Dominican Republic without Congressional approval. Not too long after that, he sent troops into
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