Imperialism: Advocacy Of Empire

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Imperialism Imperialism is a type of advocacy of empire, it originated from the latin word “imperium”. Imperialism has greatly shaped the contemporary world. It allowed the rapid spread of technologists and ideas. Imperialism is a very helpful and productive policy to many countries. Many people in different countries found this important. Imperialism was a policy of extending a countries’ power and influence through diplomacy or military force. It played a major roll in the beginning of the war. It had a lot to do with the different countries wanted to expand and other countries wanting to keep their land. Imperialism is a system where powerful nations control and exploit one or more colonies. This period saw a race acquire the last territories open for colonialization, this occurred in Africa where Britain, France and Germany all competed for colonial possession. The Britain Empire was known as the largest empire in history, as it covered more than 13,000,000 square miles which are approximately a quarter of the earth’s total land area being controlled more than 500 million people.…show more content…
Also, it’s the largest continuous land empire. It’s achievement was an amazing feature given during the time period of the time. Plus the level of technology that was there was amazing. It helped technology advance even more during this time period. In Conclusion, Imperialism helped shaped the world. It inspired many countries to expand and wanted to have world domination. This mainly occurred with powerful nations like Germany. However, all attempts at this failed thankfully. Overall Imperialism is a powerful technique that was used in the past and, at that time period was a smart
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