Imperialism And Greed

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Imperialism is so widespread due to individuals believing that they have superiority over opposing religious, economical, and political ideals. All humans across the world seem to have one thing in common despite those ideals: greed. The leaders of this greed created a false belief of superiority among the populations of other ethnic groups in other countries. The leaders summoned soldiers out to do their dirty work, convincing others that certain individuals were the enemies. With the help of propaganda and brainwashing, it is easy to convince a group of individuals that they are better than others and eventually push them into committing murder- the ultimate anti-moral. Imperialists supposed that they deserved to take materials away from…show more content…
Greed lives today with the 1 percent, who owns all the wealth of the world, all the way back when civilization began. There has always been the idea of the elite and giving people the illusion of freedom. The founding fathers created the Constitution and built our country off of this idea of favoring the Bourgeoisie. Were the imperialists evil? Yes. Greed is evil. And, greed is a quality that all imperialists, and the majority of people carry. But, though we all have some measure of greed, do we all murder masses of people? No. Were the people working under the imperialists evil? No, not necessarily. The people working for the imperialists were simply corrupted. The imperialists were evil because they started to spew hate at others and hold their own race up to have an excuse to take from others by starting atrocious…show more content…
Mark Twain’s The War Prayer depicted this view of the world and the wrongness of perceiving imperialistic duties as noble. The pastor was speaking out and praising war, hoping for God to bless the war. A man comes into the church speaking the truth of imperialism and how ungodly it is. While listening to this man speaking realistically about what these soldiers are doing for the imperialist, everyone looked at him as he was the crazy one. People still to this day put labels on soldiers as “heroic” and “fighting for our freedom”, which is complete, utter lies just as it used to be in most periods of history. The United States is still practicing imperialism to this day. Now the U.S is searching for oil or other materials in other countries, making up reasons to go to war. And, people call others disrespectful when they don’t support a soldier going overseas or even look at them as if they are crazy and hateful.“It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no sense in what he said.”(Twain,1905). A majority of Americans seem to have trouble understanding why some feel unsupportive of relating God to war; two very disturbing comparisons.We are still imperialistic in today’s world with the illusion that going to war is great when it is usually an unnecessary
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