Imperialism And Nationalism In Persepolis

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Whenever an argument occurs, the argument is always started by differing views. But what affects these views? What causes there to be opposing outlooks on the same situation? Some say these outlooks can be determined based off of an individual’s personal nature. This can be viewed through Marjane Satrapi as she experiences events such as revolution, imperialism, and nationalism during her childhood in Iran, as her passionate and defiant nature affects her portrayal of the revolution, imperialism, and nationalism.The image to the left is a great example revolution as it depicts the citizens of a nation rebelling in support of a new government. All of those protesting came together to end their oppression and every single one of them cares deeply…show more content…
Another theme in the novel that is affected by Marjane’s nature is nationalism. This image is an excellent example of nationalism as it shows the citizens of a nation typifying powerful patriotic feelings and principles. Also, the image shows people waving the flag of their country, which is an act of extreme patriotism and nationalism. In Persepolis, Marjane and her father have a mutual love for their country. An example of this love would be Marjane and her Father’s response to the counterattack and bombing of Baghdad. In this moment her father exclaims, “How’s that feel Saddam” (Satrapi 84), In addition, Marjane says, “We got them where it hurts” (84). Initially, Marjane believed that her dad was a “defeatist” (83), however, after she saw his reaction to the Iranian counterattack, she came to the realization that he loved Iran as much as she did (84). It is the passion Marjane has for Iran that really connects her to the nationalism she displays. Without this enthusiastic patriotism, Marjane would not possess her nationalistic attitude, therefore, the theme of nationalism would be cut from the story. To conclude, Marjane’s personal nature and character influences the story and how the main themes are presented or told. All of the themes and topics brought up in this story are altered by Marjane’s nature. Some of the themes that can be found in her story are nationalism, imperialism, and revolution, which her defiance and passion helps her to perceive the concepts and portray them as she sees fit. Her defiance and passion helps her perceive these three concepts. Consequently, Marjane has an altered point of view and she gives a slightly biased portrayal of these
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