Imperialism In America Essay

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Today I present to you all one of the biggest political conversy in America today, imperialism. After our win from spain in the Spanish-American war we have rights as christian Americans to give freedom and religion to people as well. The colonies that were once apart of spain for almost five decades, has now been given to us due to our victory. These countries will be ours for the better. Having these territories will help gain America fine resources. It will also help American influence throughout these countries. They will not be used as a form of wages. We’ll use these countries as a form of gratitude. When I first got the philippines I was in shock, I didn 't really expect to get them.I didn 't even want them. Then one night when I went home I thought…show more content…
We having established our political view into these countries means they can be more like America. Even though I get criticized on many of the things I do as president of the United States, I still feel that my voicing over these country that we as American’s have, should make up for me being “weak” as the president. Even opinions from the press has dimmed me in a bad light as the president. Since the spanish foreign policy I have also dealt with the repercussions, but I feel as if you can’t please everybody in America as the president. People even said I was a weak and mediocre president because I did not want America to go to war, but of course things end up diffrently than as planned. Imperialism can not be seen as a horrible thing all the time. These countries often do get protection from us, if ever threaten. My intent for American imperialism is for America to be put on the map. Some of my tactics will help America to do just that. Let us keep positive as American’s that our nationalism being spread for bigger and better things in these countries. The mission of the united states is one benevolent assimilation. We also have to help these countries because a free man can not be long an ignorant man as
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