Imperialism In International Development

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Historically international development was conceived by US both as a strategic (geopolitical, foreign policy) project and as an objective process of economic progress. Arguably international cooperation for international development, in its various forms, was designed as a means of ensuring that post-colonial states in their pursuit of national development would not succumb to the lure of communism and fall prey to the model presented by the USSR. Hence international development can be perceived not only as a model and strategy for reviving the economic growth but to also provide conditions of political stability for the neoliberal world order and a local benign or human face to imperialism. That is why nongovernmental development
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But both the project of international cooperation for development and globalization are shown to be masks for an entirely different project: US imperialism. Since the late 1940s, imperialism has taken the most diverse forms and at first it emerged in the form of a system designed to ensure the economic dominance of the United States and advance the economic interests of its economic enterprises. In this system the economically backward countries were cast in the role of exporters of raw materials needed for the industrial centre of the…show more content…
The new world order was designed to create optimum conditions for liberating the constraints of the nation-state on the mobility of capital - on its capacity to find emerging markets and penetrate and dominate them - and thereby accumulate more capital. The new world order also created conditions for several new forms of imperialism - from the imperialism of aid to the domination of trade and investment - based on a new world order, a new international labour division, economic globalization, and a Washington Consensus on correct policy. Under these conditions, nation-states were restructured to better meet the new requirements of global capital and the nongovernmental organizations of civil society were enlisted in the service of empire, to participate in the formation of a good governance regime and thereby help advance the imperial project, to make sure that the political and economic order needed for another round of economic imperialism
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