Similarities Between Heart Of Darkness And Lord Jim

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Joseph Conrad was considered as one of the prominent writers of 20th century English literature. He had written several novels during his time. Heart of Darkness can be seen reflecting Joseph Conrad’s own experiences as a sea captain and portraying the ill effects of imperialism. Conversely he wrote a novel titled Lord Jim and both economic and racial versions of the colonial dynamic is portrayed in this novel. Joseph Conrad had created the characters so wisely that each character was related to one another and it depicted the society he had lived in during the 20th century. There are both similarities and differences in the major characters in Conrad’s novels hard of darkness and Lord Jim.
In heart of darkness the protagonist of the novella
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The character Marlow that is seen in the novella Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim is similar to one another as Conrad has created the character Marlow to be the narrator of the story and a ship 's captain. As Marlow in heart of darkness says, "All Europe contributed to the making of Kurtz, and by and by I learned that most appropriately the International Society for the Suppression of Savage Customs had entrusted him with the making of a report for its future guidance." (p.49) Marlow therefore takes interest in meeting the character called Kurtz in the novella heart of darkness. Similarly on the other hand Marlow in the novel Lord Jim first encounters the protagonist of the novel called Jim at the inquiry where Jim loses his certification. Feeling that Jim is one of them he takes an interest in him but Marlow 's struggle to tell and to understand the life story of Jim initially so he starts helping him find employment as a water clerk and as a trading post manager for Stein and then suddenly relating together Jim 's story and continuing it through various retellings. Therefore the character Marlow that is seen in the novella heart of darkness is similar to the character Marlow in the novel Lord
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