Imperialism In Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles

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Imperialism causes destruction of all forms and kinds, harming and injuring many people in the process. Bradbury demonstrates this concept in The Martian Chronicles through the literary technique of motif, in particular the motif of destruction, which is depicted throughout the book. In Usher II, Stendahl manipulates the martians and destroys them and their community, he wants to eliminate the martians because of his imperialistic ideas to take over the martian land. Also, in addition to Stendahl imperialistic ideas he wants revenge upon all of the book burners, which causes him to institute a killing spree. Bradbury explains Stendahl's explosive actions as it says in Usher II, “ My lord, you have an imagination, haven’t you? They stood and watched five others die, one in the mouth of a dragon, the others thrown off into the black tarn, sinking and vanishing… What’s the difference? We’ll blow the whole damn thing up anyway.” (153) Moreover the motif of destruction is…show more content…
So his only means of protecting the martian land are through death and destruction. As Bradburry explains how Spender felt like he was a martian and how he resolved the earth men's process of imperialism. As it says in And the Moon Be Still as Bright, “ And the Martian walked down into the camp and he’s here now. I don’t see any Martian, said Cheroke. I’m sorry. Spender took out his gun. It hummed softly. The first bullet got a man on the left; the second and third took the men on the right and the center of the table. Cookie turned in horror from the fire to receive the fourth bullet.” (78) Furthermore the motif of destruction is represented through the many deaths that occurred throughout The Martian Chronicles which is a result of imperialism. Imperialism causes destruction of all kinds, hurting everyone and everything involved in this deadly

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