Imperialism In Shooting An Elephant

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Do We Shoot Him of Not?
“The Discussion of Shooting an Elephant” In the short essay Shooting an Elephant the author George Orwell discusses how her shot an elephant. The thing that most people don’t know about this short essay Shooting an Elephant is that it is not just about killing an elephant. In this short essay George Orwell discusses things about how he shot the elephant and also what the reason of why he shot the elephant. In the end of this essay the author decides that he should kill the elephant instead of letting it live. In Shooting an Elephant, George Orwell has some important things that people need to know.
The first thing that George Orwell want to tell the readers in the essay Shooting an Elephant, is about how he realized that the British empire relied on imperialism very much. George Orwell noticed that the British empire was very into imperialism because of when he went to stay in Burma to be a police officer for their people. Imperialism is the extending of a country’s power and influence through diplomacy and military force. George Orwell saw that they had Imperialism by the military force that they had stationed in Burma. In the story Shooting an Elephant George Orwell states, “All this was perplexing and upsetting. For at that time I had already made up my mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the sooner I chucked up my job and got out of it the better. George Orwell stated this in his essay Shooting an Elephant because he want people to know

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