Imperialism Counterculture

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The most valuable ideas given to an individual might not be something that they want. However, these ideas may be needed for improvement of an individual or for, on a grander scale, a country. For example, the Cold War was a battle of principalities, with the United States, guiding democracy against the tyranny of communism. Ultimately, democracy became the widely accepted ideal society throughout the globe. Unfortunately, there are many more locations that need an intermediary nation to fix their issues and policies. The United States has long been the country of control and should continue to promote its ideas across the world, disregarding the criticisms. Although there is a counterculture that is condemning the imperialistic actions of the United States in the past, the results of these actions are key factors in the balance of powers. Ordinarily, imperialism is a controversial term due to its history, but the idea is not as negative as portrayed. Rather, the implementation had selfish tendencies, but if viewed on a larger scale, the effects were extremely beneficial by supplying nations with democratic thinking. Originally, these same countries would have been astounded by the freedoms that Americans experience. However, those effects did not stop anti-imperialist groups from forming…show more content…
Similarly, the general sentiments of the United States tend to intensify with the size of the difficulty. To quantitatively identify the scope of the issue, there would need to be a checklist. For example, the process could be done by seeing the number of human rights violated. Thus, a larger amount of violations would entail more drastic action because the region describe would plead for it out of necessity. Although helping one of these such countries may seem indifferent to the United States, the greater good has to be taken into

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