Imperialism In The Philippines Essay

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As a result of the Spanish American war, the United States gained control of the Philippines.
The US felt that the Philippines were too uncivilized to govern themselves so the US decided to keep them under their control. Although the filipinos were unhappy that they were being given to another country for imperialist rule Before America took over the Philippines there were 87 different languages. Some of the languages that they spoke were Tagalog, Pampungo, ETC. There were 7.5 million people in the
Philippines before the imperialism. The Philippines made a living by working in factories, industry, education Before colonization, the Philippines were composed of many different tribes. Thus, they had different cultures and traditions for each
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After Two years, in 1944, America and its Allies fought Japan till they freed Philippines, America stopped colonizing Philippines and it became a non-colonized independent country. There were some good and bad effects for being imperialized. Some of the good effects that public education was established, roads, railroads, and hospitals. Some of the bad effects were over one million Filipinos died, The Philippines was left without a strong leader. The Filipinos and Americans fought the Philippine-American War from 1899 to 1902, and the
Americans won. Even though the Americans won, they decided to help the Philippines become an independent nation. On July 4, 1946, the Philippines became an independent nation. The U.S. helped the Philippines structure their government and school system. While under
American rules agriculture, and trade grew quickly. American also brought modern transportation and communication to the island and improved the banking system. The Philippines was predicted to be the one of the richest countries in Asia. Instead of becoming the richest they became the poor. After World War II the Philippine economy did poorly so billions of dollars were spent on the wrong
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