Imperialism In The Roman Empire

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When it comes to empires in the early centuris, there were many different ways to rule. You can try and rule by fear to try and make sure your periphery doesn 't even think of rebeling and swearing absolute fealty. Other ways you can rule is by trying to be more organized and merging your periphery into your system. This is what some imperial states did. They also included a more organized system to make everyday desicions, laws and policies go a little more smoothly. This idea is called imperialism, and I think that it had a more positive impact on subjects overall.

Two of the main empires that practiced imperialism were Rome and China. China got a lot of ideas from imperialism from the Romans, so there are a lot of similiarities
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Later on in the Roman Empire, christianity became a large role of both government and life in Rome. The imperial system allowed for a large spread of the religion, eventually becoming the state religion. Now, the spread of christianity is an effect of the imperial system. Without the imperial system allowing organization and spreading of Roman customs, christianity may not have been as popular. One reason it became so popular is because of how user-friendly it was. In one of the primary sources by Matthew 's transcripts titled Jesus and Paul, it states, "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." This expresses the idea that if you 're a good person, you will be rewarded, which may have appeared favorable to the poorer people in the Roman Empire. Because of the popularity of Christianity throughout the empire, eventually it led to the government to favor the religion, thus increasing their involvement in it with the creation of churches and other things, and even causing rulers to become christian. Without the imperial system and it 's success/money, Christianity may not have spread as…show more content…
An ideology that the Chinese Imperial system gave birth to was Confucianism. This ideology focused heavily on governmental obedience, education, and progress. It emphasized individuals to do things that would better the empire as a whole. According to a primary source given in the book written by Emperor Wendi on page 134, titled "Han Shu (History of the Han Dynasty)," it describes the role the emperor feels he needs to follow and how he thinks he 's failing. It states, "We have considered whether our administration has been guilty of some error or our actions of some fault. Have we failed to follow the Way of Heaven or to obtain the benfits of Earth?" The emperor talks about how he believes the drought, flood, and pestilince were his fault and that their deity was punishing the empire for failure to serve them correctly. It shows how a follower of Confucianism acts and thinks, and knowing this, shows how the empire was so successful for a while. If the majority of citizens believed in this type of ideology, it causes productivity and success to be a norm in the Chinese
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