Imperialism In The Victorian Era

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Did the Victorian Era was an example to follow in British literature and the worst era to be poor. The Victorian Era started with the rise to power of Queen Victoria in 1837 however, some people interpret that it starts in 1830. Queen Victoria’s imperialist principles gave Great Britain; India, Australia, Canada, Cape Colony (known today as part of South Africa), Kenya and Uganda. Even though, England had lost the 13 colonies in the century before they were still flourishing as the most powerful nation on the planet. Great Britain became a prosperous country economically across the whole empire. It was a great period to be British but, it is known as a discriminatory era towards the poor. The British wanted to be successful in other words,…show more content…
The main character is named Christian who goes on a long voyage to find the Celestial City .Eventually, he and his friend Faithful have to go through all sorts of temptations and ten-commandment-breaking horrors. One of these is the fair held in the city of Vanity. This is an eternal fair where all kinds of worldly and selfish things are for sale. Vanity Fair was first published in 1848 otherwise it would publish each part of this novel every month .The plot appears complex because of the mass of characters and because the stated motives are occasionally the true ones. Moreover, the author departs so often in essays on related subjects that the casual reader may lose the thread of the story. In addition, Vanity Fair is so extensive that trying to summarize its plot is almost impossible. Two girls graduate from a finishing school. One, Becky Sharp, is the daughter of an alcoholic, broke art teacher. The other, Amelia Sedley, is the daughter of a very well-to-do middle class investor. Because of their very different childhoods, they have already learned different lessons about the world. Becky has learned that she needs to be totally self-reliant to get anywhere in life, while Amelia has learned that she will always be protected and so can remain a totally passive person. The writing style of William Makepeace Thackeray’s story is displayed by shortened narrative, bits of drama, incorporated essays, without much recourse to the minds of the characters. More importantly, as the author wanted it Vanity Fair revolves mainly around trying to figure out exactly what each person 's particular
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