Imperialism In Uganda

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Uganda is a country with a rich history filled with turmoil, failure, and success. The country and its people suffered for many years to gain independence from the country that controlled it, Great Britain. Finally, in 1962, Uganda gained independence and became a free country. All was looking up for Uganda and its people until they were thrown into a world of dictators and civil wars. Through their colonization, fight for independence, and the aftermath, they persevered to become the country they are today.

Before Uganda was formed by Britain, it was split into two different territories, Buganda and South Uganda. Buganda was the most well-known of these territories and began to grow rapidly in the 18th century. The had spread to border
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Amin planned to take all of the president’s power and seize control of Uganda. Although he was put up against many of Obote’s supporters and the military that protected him, Amin pursued his goals and gained complete control of the country. He started to make moves against some of Uganda’s previous allies to bring the country together with a common enemy. He wanted to have complete control of the country and to gain more power he decided to drive all of the Asian and other ethnic people out of the country to Britain. Despite his efforts to help Uganda, his choices were starting to hurt the economy and was agitating its surrounding countries. Amin started to get more and more brutal with his ruling and killed at least 300,000 people in the 70’s which caused the people to for coups, but the allies that Amin had formed helped to dissolve these coups. After many years of harsh rule, he finally declared himself president in 1976. The presidency was short-lived when he tried to invade Tanzania. Tanzania was angered and united all anti Amin people and drove him out of the country along with his followers. Uganda’s reign of terror was finally over and they could go back to finding peace in their…show more content…
Through their fight for independence from Britain and Dictators, they still had one goal and they finally reached a position somewhere near peace. Although they still have a long road ahead to be content, the people and their leaders will keep trying to achieve peace and unity throughout
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