Imperialism Negative Effects

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“Imperialism has been the most powerful force in world history over the last four or five centuries” (Parenti). Imperialism has been the most influential force in the history of the world for about half a millennium. Many people still do not know what imperialism is, imperialism is the attempt at controlling other countries through political, economic or military means; there is an ongoing argument on whether imperialism is favorable or unfavorable. Imperialism has improved much of the world, whether it be through the economy or safety, much of the world has improved. Imperialism has improved the economy and has a positive effect on national safety, imperialism has also improved the economy and influence of other smaller countries.
Many say
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Though some may say that England’s effect on India was bad, looking at India now compared to before it was under the British wing, it has improved greatly. “Years of nonviolent resistance to British rule…eventually resulted in Indian independence…Despite pressing problems such as significant overpopulation, environmental degradation, extensive poverty, and widespread corruption, economic growth following the launch of economic reforms in 1991 and a massive youthful population are driving India's emergence as a regional and global power” (The World Factbook). Though the British rule may have been unhealthy for India, because of the British they earned their independence and they started to grow in power and are now a respected country. People would even say that imperialism has been the cause of poverty in some countries. Yet “Western culture continued to influence much of the world; transportation, education, and medical care were improved.” Much of the world is influenced by the same culture; basic systems like education and medical care had been improved ( People would say that imperialism has no effect on the economy. “Resistance to imperial rule evolved into nationalist movements; many economies became dependent on single cash crops grown for export.” Much of Africa had become more nationalist; and many economies used single cash crops as their primary source of income…show more content…
Nation size has a positive effect on the market, with that increase in size, production of used goods will increase as well. With government input on the economy, the amount of money saved for exporting and importing will is increased too. Larger nations are less likely of coming under siege from other nations. With a larger nation, the navy would also increase, and an increase in navy size would mean more naval bases. Those naval bases would also help with trade by acting as pit stops for the ships and planes to resupply at. A navy to protect the borders and defend those that travel past the borders. India’s influence has improved and they are recognized as a national power thanks to imperialism. Many undeveloped countries are uplifted thanks to imperialism in the past. Much of Africa is more stable with better economies. Imperialism has without a doubt improved much of the world, despite the wicked people see in
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