Imperialism Quotes In Persepolis

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Have you ever experienced anything that made you grow up faster than you should have? Have you ever been forced to do something that changed the way you live and think? Or have you ever tried to hide something you strongly believed in because other people 's perspective about you might change? This happens a lot in today 's society, but it also happened to Marjane Satrapi. Marjane tells her story through her novel, Persepolis, and it helps show how things in the world can drastically change someone’s perspective. The imperialism that took place in Marjane’s country, the religion that Marjane strongly believed in, and Marjane’s loss of innocence while she was very young, all affected her perspective throughout the graphic novel, Persepolis. As a demonstration…show more content…
Imperialism is when larger countries gain control of smaller countries and tell them how to run their country, like a play writer tells their actors how to act. When the smaller countries are taken over by the larger ones, they are confused and distressed by the situation. This is similar in the picture where the actors don’t seem completely aware of how they are supposed to act. Similarly, the theme of imperialism can be found in the graphic novel, Persepolis. In the graphic novel, Iran, Marjane’s home, is being imperialized by Iraq. While this is happening, none of the people in Iran are fully aware of how to react because the country didn’t have a leader at the time. Marjane had to experience this imperialism during her teenage years and it played a large role in her perspective. To demonstrate this in the book, it says, “‘God did not choose the king.’[said Marjane’s father] ‘He did so! It’s written on the first page of our schoolbook’ [said Marjane]” (Satrapi 19). Marjane’s perspective before imperialism is shown in this quote, and here the reader can see how Marjane is not yet ready to speak out against what she is told to believe.
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