Imperialism: The Benefits Of Colonization Of The Congo

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Oh what progress we have made in the Congo so far! Words cannot begin to describe all the advantages we gain from this expedition since we first landed in 1885! We are so thankful to have this opportunity! Even so, we must recognize our superiority in industrialization and race as these perks greatly affect our boundaries for imperialism. These perks are so critical in particular, as it provided our Nation with the necessary motives and justifications to colonize the lesser race. After stepping into the new world of industrialization, the concluding benefits of colonizing The Congo laid an everlasting mark on the Belgian Empire’s future. Our industry benefited in three major ways: One benefit was how we represented “Great Power” by even possessing…show more content…
If it weren’t for the context of industrialization, we would not be striving for the African land as there would be less reason too. If it weren’t for our ingrained superiority over the Congo natives, we not only wouldn’t have been able improve our lifestyle in terms of boosting our economy, but we would also be missing the opportunity of improving the living conditions of the natives. Moving forward, I believe that it is in the Belgian Empire’s best interest to imperialize even further. Despite already achieving much success, this does not mean there is not anymore room to achieve more. As Italy has lost its chance to colonize Ethiopia, it is our turn to step in. In the process of the colonization of this resistant state, we will utilize their natural resources the same way we did with The Congo’s, and also remind them that they are the inferior race. In the end, we will be found with endless amounts of riches, and land, truly establishing the Belgian Empire as the greatest power in

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