Imperialism: The Boxer Rebellion In China

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Reactions of oppression:violence and nonviolence Opression could be defined as an invasion of individual freedom . In the modern world, several countries are continuously restricting the freedom of their citizens .One form of oppression come in the form of imperialism.Imperialism was practiced from 1850 to 1914.The European imperialist viewed indigenous people as inferior to the “white man”.The racial views of the imperialist allowed the Europeans to travel and seize the native people of their traditions and form of government and colonize the land to strip them of their natural resources and civilize the native people.After World War II,many imperialistic countries gave their colonies independence.One country that became independent…show more content…
however ,in August a multinational force quickly defeated the boxers.The failed boxer rebellion led the citizens of China to be more resistant of foreign powers .Along with that realization of resistance , A fine of three-hundred -thirty-three was issued for repairs and resulted in more foreign troops to guard parts of china.The failure of the boxer rebellion led to further restriction to its citizens and further foreign powers within
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