Imperialism's Role In The Industrial Revolution

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Have you ever been stronger then someone, or tougher than someone and wanted to put them down and be the ruler of them? Well imperialism seeks to dominate a weaker nation politically, economically and socially. Imperialism has changed, some ways that it has changed is the industrial revolution, they used this for natural resources and new markets, this was helpful because it's a good place to grow and settle things, another way it was helpful was by they invested in profits so they had a lot of money into certain things that would benefit them down the road. They also did a lot of business with africa and asia, after the revolution, the western used their powers to basically take over, they later took over most of the lands in Africa and Asia. They wanted to stop this, so they decided to start adding more colonies. One big problem in the industrial revolution was money, they needed more places to sell their products, these products were cheap, and usually made from cotton and cloth.…show more content…
The works then started making roads, canals, and railways. This lead into getting better medical care and better sanitation. The social effect has a huge effect on how the world has been brought up. In conclusion imperialism has affected many people, and many countries. In ways that are good and bad. It has helped shape this world and how it was brought up. In ways people should be thankful for imperialism with all the new
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