Imperialist View Of Imperialism

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As imperialism occurred, different views were developed by the imperialists power and colonized people. The imperialist power received several benefits from imperialism. Imperialists advanced their own wealth and status, so they believed they were doing good with their ways. Little did they know, they were harming and killing off the colonists. Therefore, the colonized people were faced with a variety of strife and struggles. Colonists had their land taken, controlled, and manipulated. Both the imperialists and colonized people had complex views about imperialism. When imperialists established their colonies, they claimed to want to help the colonies benefit. Chamberlain states that the government is willing to supply the people with employment,…show more content…
Imperialists wanted colonies for raw materials and to boost their own wealth and status. Social Darwinism and Racism also contributed to causes of imperialism because Europeans believed they had the right to control colonies since they had to civilize natives. (World History Textbook p. 450) Imperialists mainly focused on their own benefits and believed they were helping colonies. The colonies’ perspective was not considered as much. Although colonists’ lives and traditions were altered by imperialism, these new changes were only looked over by imperialists. The main countries wanted to ensure that they benefited from imperialism and controlled as much land and possessions as…show more content…
The Sepoy Mutiny began because of Britain distrust, but Britain continued to control India. Through their control in India, there were several ups and downs. India benefited from a new school system and infrastructure. They suffered from destroyed industries, being degraded by classes, and starvation due to the transition from food to cotton. (World History Textbook p.466) In Africa, imperialism took over most of the land. In 1850, most of the land was free; however, in 1914 over 80% of the land was owned by Europeans. (Doc 6) Imperialism had a long lasting effect on both Africa and India. Africa went from being free and independent to being under European control. Africa was practically now under Europe’s control. In India, imperialism led to a new influence in industries. When farmers transformed to planting cotton, new machines and systems were invented in order to speed up the processes. During the Sepoy Mutiny, Indians were offended by Britain because their sacred objects were used against them. Colonists were often disrespected and mistreated by the leading countries which sometimes led to revolts or
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