Implementing A Supportive Communication Approach To The Safety Shop

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Communication is an important part when it comes to ensuring the change made during the decision making process is conveyed appropriately. Many see communication as a simple process as one person speaking to another or to a group of individuals and nothing more but really it is more complicated than that. If the new manager were to just show up and start writing disciplinary paperwork, what kind of message would they be sending? One thing that they must take into consideration is “distortion, the difference between the meaning that the sender intends and the meaning the receiver decodes” (Nahavandi, 2014, p. 276). When dealing with the safety shop the best form of communication might be the supportive communication approach because it is “problem-oriented communication that focuses on problems and solutions rather than personal traits” (Whetton & Cameron, 1998). The new manger will be able to create an environment of support rather than one of hostility by focusing the employees on standards instead of on the…show more content…
Another great aspect of the supportive communication approach is that it is just not one-way communication. It allows employees the opportunity to speak and be heard and for the manager to respond to employees concerns. Implementing a supportive communication approach to the safety shop may be a great first step for the new manger but nothing may be more important than ensuring employees remain motivated. Change can be a hard thing for employees to except especially when someone new comes into the work environment and begins to enforce once neglected standards of conduct. To overcome the anxiety of change the new manager will have to find a way to motivate its employees “Motivation has a strong behavioral component

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