Three Levels Of Communication In The Workplace

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Berko (1992) described that “human communication is a conscious or unconscious, intentional or unintentional process in which feelings and ideas are expressed in verbal and nonverbal messages” (p. 5). As we know, the communication process can be accidental which is no intent, expressive which resulting from emotional state of the person or from specific goals of the communicator called rhetorical. Communication can occur on three level which is intrapersonal, interpersonal and public levels. The communication is dynamic, continuous, irreversible, interactive and contextual (Berko, 1992).

Human communication are happened on every single of the day. People will always communicate to keep sharing an information. Not only on social settings, however the communication in career settings are also important. This is because the relationships with others also depend on effective communication in the workplace. An example that we can be take are from business fields.

In business field, every day they need to communicate with their clients. The ways of they communicate are important to persuade their clients and make them believe to involve in the business together. If they fail in their communication means they can fail in their business too. According to Robertson (2002), business
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We will communicate at the various levels for different purpose of an organization. The success of the relationships depends on how we can communicate effectively. This is because the communication can help us to adapt the changing roles and fulfill the others expectations in the organization. Usually, organization develop formal channels and informal channel. Formal channels of communication to facilitate their internal working. Meanwhile, informal channels are to specify whose member of a company is responsible to whose other persons for communicating ideas and information (Berko,
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