Never Let Me Go Literary Analysis

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Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go takes place in the late 20th century, in a very different England where humans are cloned to produce more organs, which they need to give away once they reach adulthood. These “ clones “ grow up in different houses where they are taught everything they need to know to get through their miserable life. Hailsham is where Kathy grew up and is seen by all the other children as the ideal place. A child coming from Hailsham is seen as special by those who were “ born “ in a less fortunate institution. Hailsham is a glorious and ambitious place where the children have a lot of possibilities and are joyful. It is filled with guardians who take on the parental roles and look out for the children but do not treat them with a lot of love. These guardians keep the knowledge about the children’s fate to themselves as best as they can. Once the children have reached maturity, they leave their institution…show more content…
Ruth is very controlling and wants everything to be done her way whereas Tommy is the one who finds it hard to keep his temper in control and has anger issues and Kathy is calm and loving. All three off them hope that love will save…show more content…
It was a cover for what the real deep underlying meaning is of the novel. Now the questions is what Never Let Me Go is really about. This mesmerizing novel makes you think about the value of our own life. It is about hope and about knowing that even though you can try whatever you want. There is nothing really that can change your fate. Beneath Kathy’s loving character who never seems to be angry. There is someone who wants to be
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