Implications Of Bilingualism

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Implications about language and thought to bilingualism
Many people are bilingual or multilingual, speaking two or more languages with very different structures. Speakers from different culture and background tend to spread and have different perspectives and various form of structure of language they acquired. This affect the language and thought of the bilingualism. It is generally correct which language reflects the idea that language can influence thought.
Studies concluded that bilingualism had negative effect on one’s linguistic, cognitive and educational development (Francois Grosjean, 2011). It is propagate that bilingual child back then have lower IQ level. The statement aroused when studies found that the child with bilingual ability have negative effect on linguistic, cognitive and educational development.
Bilinguals are categorized as human with two minds in one body. Everything people do in daily live acquire them to use language. When the users know a language, they are able to speak and be understood by others who know the language. People use language to express themselves by accommodating new sounds which role of mouth, vocal tracts that adjust to the new pitch, hands that show gesture and body that learn new technique to respond to greeting.
For bilingual, they receive consequence on how to respond to the language. The implication due to dissimilar language emotionality. A particular word on one language is not similar to similar to other word in second
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