Implications Of Digitalization In India

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Indians are transforming from rural India to digital India with so many initiatives by the Central government of our country. The initiatives like Make In India, Jan Dhan Yojana, Swatch Bharat, Demonitisation Of Currency are all contributing for the growth of Indian economy. These schemes are to improve the productivity of our country and also for proving a better standard of living for Indians. India is a strong nation with more than 50% of its people is in the working age. With this strength we can achieve success if we work hard with strict rules and regulations. Thus this paper is focusing on the implications of PMJDY scheme in the scenario of developmental aspects across India.
Keywords: Jan Dhan Yojana, PMJDY, Demonitiation of Currency, Digitalization

India is identified as fastest growing economy. One of the main reasons that contribute for this is Digitalization. Today we are living in digital era. Digitalization is the key word that is heard in every part of the world and especially it is the motto of present India. We want to make our country as Digital India. Our government is taking many initiatives to make this change successfully. Digitalization is the use of technologies to provide new revenues to the business and the country as a whole. Use of digital technologies can be made in every form of organization. Thus this is making India to become fastest growing economy in the recent past. The fast growing industries like software,

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