The Hijab In Islam

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There are many explanations and various interpretations of these verses. Lots of Hadiths are here to clarify the concept about Hijab. There are also many narrations that describe the saying of Hazrat MOHAMMAD (Peace Be upon Him) about Hijab. There are lots of references, from which some references about Hijab are presented here. Because of these references and other (those are not presented here) the minimum limitations of Muslim women's dress is determined as follow:
Their cloths must cover their entire body except of the face and the hands. And their dressing should be simple, means it should not tie. This means their figure should not be prominent.
Islam is fastest growing religion all over the world. Hunter (2002) said that Islam is second
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Hijab could be considered as simple traditional element of clothing, like in Western Africa, boubou (a long, colorful, loose-fitting garment worn by both sexes in parts of Africa), and Tuareg (a member of a Berber people of the western and central Sahara, living mainly in Algeria, Mali, Niger, and western Libya, traditionally as nomadic pastoralists) men wear tagelmust. There are also numbers of cloths which are worn for religious and traditional manners, and that can comparable with Hijab: but none of them today can be comparable in terms of religion. In all over the world Hijab has become an important symbol of Muslim Women. Wearing Hijab is right of women or not, it is quite different issue in all over world, like Northern European countries allows women to wear Hijab, but only for different situations, whereas France Government did not allow women to wear Hijab against the law that developed in the Stasi commission in 2003. This law was very appreciated by the people of France; their government grabs the religious related symbol from Muslims. The Hijab was banned at all public places. This law was implied only on Muslims that reflect that this law was designed only to target the Islamic concept of veiling (Manon Jamois, 2004). Dress codes for women in Muslim countries are as follow: According to different countries there are different cultural and legal statuses of Hijab. Many countries have banned the

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