Implicit Association Test Analysis

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The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a test designed to detect the strength of a person’s automatic association between mental representations of concepts in memory. During the first step of IAT I saw that I was very focused on the words, but I got confused as the instructions changed each time. The first couple steps of The Implicit Association test moved very slowly and they gave me time to think back on when I should tap the letter “E” or tap the letter “I.” The beginning of this exam was confusing because first we had to memorize faces make sure we decipher between, which picture was a European American or African American. This step was confusing because The Implicit Association Test displayed the pictures in black and white for both the European American photos and the African American photos. I noticed that as I went on to the next step and I had to pick up the pace and move faster. I noticed that my eyes started to cross and…show more content…
I was having to pay close attention as the “bad words” and “good words” popped up as I moved on to each question. While, I was taking The Implicit Association Test I noticed that I was able to pay more close attention to the European American photos rather than the photos of the African Americans. My results were that I have a moderate automatic preference for European American over African American. At the end, I noticed on The Implicit Association Test that I was overlooking the hints above pictures and words being shown. The hints were telling me what to do. For instance, tap the letter “E” for good words for African American. If I would have paid attention before I would have paid more attention to detail when taking the Implicit Association. The Implicit Association Test, was like a tease to test the functions of your
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