Implicit Curriculum

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Reflection Paper 1 About the explicit curriculum Vs implicit curriculum In order to clarify about preferring of explicit curriculum or implicit curriculum, the learners must be understood how both curriculums works as a field of education. Teachers designing their curriculum must consider how the environment of the classroom will impact students. A student will learn from what is taught in a class and from how that class is taught. That student will also take lessons from how her/his class and school are organized. These are the concepts of explicit and implicit curriculum, and they help educators think about the different ways students learn so they can design more effective methods of teaching. Explicit curriculum is one that has been carefully…show more content…
The learners need to be considered which is of the greatest value for teaching and learning an explicit curriculum or an implicit curriculum. Implicit, or hidden, curriculum also refers to lessons that students take from teachers' attitudes and the school environment. This learning can be either conscious or unconscious. For instance, the location of a teacher's desk at the front of a classroom underscores his authority and positions him as the center of the class's attention. A school's rigid class schedule may make students perceive learning as an inflexible and authoritative process. Implicit curriculum can also refer to how educational institutions reflect larger social norms. A teacher who models a society's dismissive attitude toward a subject, for example, will communicate that attitude to his…show more content…
The explicit curriculum refers to intentional instructive techniques. A teacher can purposefully change the environment of his/her class as an intentional learning experience. For example, she may have the class role-play a setting where normal classroom restrictions do not apply. This explicit curriculum is still affected by the implicit curriculum, because the underlying structures of the classroom and school continue to teach students. Teachers and administrators may be aware of how implicit curriculum operates within their school. However, that operation is not a result of intentional decisions made specifically to teach students. For instance, students may learn about authority from a teacher's emphasis on tardiness. However, unless this is a specific teaching strategy that has been set out ahead of time, it is an example of implicit curriculum. To be honest, I really prefer the explicit curriculum rather than implicit curriculum. Because explicit curriculum is the one which control system, restrict the intuition, and creative thinking of both teachers and students – a system that dictates what content and activities must be done each day and at specific times. In addition, the explicit curriculum is still dominated by the implicit curriculum, and the implicit curriculum is just a non-system
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