Imponents Of The Psychodynamic Theory

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PSYCHODYNAMIC THEORY The word psychodynamic means to a large group of theories that affects the It is a way that tells that personality of the mind exists in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious states like the unconscious wishes, feelings and thoughts. This theory is presented by Sigmund Freud in which he mentions that personality contains three components which are the id, the ego and the superego. These all work collaboratively in order to make complex human behaviours. Id is associated with the way of thinking or the natural ability and the crave for pleasure. Ego is associated with the intervene in the agreement among them with the need of the reality. Superego is a kind of approach to follow the order and systems of the parents and the society. Psycho dynamic theory basically talks about the childhood endurances that forms the personality of a child. It is also related to the psychoanalytic which is a therapy the tries to disclose the unconscious feelings and wishes. Assumptions of the Psychodynamic theory are as follows :- The most prominent factors responsible for the human behaviour work at the unconscious level. Individuals are unaware of the very serious or of their most important conflict and aggravations. Likely, the anxiety created due to the conflicts might be customised as the defences that are used to eradicate the distress, work at the unconscious level. Areas of Application :- Sex role development Psychoanalytic therapy Personality theory such

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