Import Water In Canada

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Canada is a striking country that has 0.5% of the world 's population, but its landmass contains approximately 7% of the world 's renewable water supply. Tying all the commodities of the world together we see that Canada does not need to share any part of our water supply whatsoever. The U.S. wants some of our water, but we have other things coming their way. The cost, the equality, and the people and the environment all has to be considered when deciding whether or not to sell water to the United States. The first reason Canada should not export water to the U.S. is the prohibitive cost of such a project. Setting up pumps and water lines large enough to supply an adequate amount of water to the States would be very expensive. (Stratfor…show more content…
The water in Canada is definitely not equally distributed. "The majority of Canada 's population lives in the southern part of the country, but 60% of the country 's renewable water drains to the north, so access to water resources are limited." In fact, some areas of Canada are already experiencing some degree of water stress. More than one in every six people in the world is water stressed, meaning that they do not have access to potable water. Water is a precious and a sacred resource and we need to protect its quantity and quality. ( Water is a right, not a good to sell. People tend to forget that. "Nations with abundant water seek to protect it. And as the strain on water resources increases in the coming years and decades, that sentiment is unlikely to change." (Stratfor Global Intelligence) Canada is the most water rich nation on earth. Canadian households use twice as much water and pay less than half as much as European households, so we need to be thankful that we, as in Canada, have that right that we get to enjoy and we should be saving water and protecting the country of Canada. "Of course, in North America, we 've always taken our water for granted. Consequently, overuse of such underground supplies has also…show more content…
In conclusion, Canada has no requirement to export water to the United States since we are a free country and we need to stay economically beneficial, we need to be fair in all manors and states, and we need to respect the landscape of the earth and the people who reside in the beauty of Canada. We need to be a polite country in doing so, but meanwhile we can celebrate the benefits of all the commodities that
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