Importance Of Calendar Essay

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The Importance of our Calendar
With everything that people will juggle today, it’s no wonder why calendars have become such an influential role in keeping us organized. Thus, it can keep track of significant dates and events, but have you ever stood to think about what a calendar brings to your community, your business, and your online presence? A calendar will have several types of use and significance. Did you ever wonder how calendars have been contrived? Well, in addition, there were a lot of things happened before we adopted this calendar that we have until now. Moreover, we have collected kinds of the calendar; Mayan, Gregorian, and Ancient calendar. On the other hand, every calendar has a various belief about our times.

After examining, the Maya were expert mathematicians and astronomers. Initially, Maya will be celebrated for their many innovations in writing, art, science, and architecture which are used to date. Historically, they used their studies to devise calendars. In the past, Mayan calendar believed that the end was about to end on 12/21/2012. Beforehand, many people assumed that
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Specifically, the Ancient Egyptians were profoundly organized with a very efficient central government. However, the ancient Egyptian astronomers were of course fully aware of the fact that the true length of both cycles did not, in fact, match such a harmonious configuration. Also, the ancient Egyptians well knew that its genuine length was some 365 and 1/4 days. In dealing with the reality of such an extended earth year, the ancient Egyptian calendar tagged on 5 extra days to obtain up the full earth year to 365 days. More importantly, it is very interesting to note that from the ancient Egyptian calendar that underlying the discovered time cycles for both the earth year and the moon
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