Importance And Importance Of Ecology

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The term “Ecology” is made up of two Greek words. Oiky means “house” and logy means “study”. The term “ecology” is first discovered by Ernst hackle a German biologist in 1866. While Humboldt is known as “Father of Ecology”. Ecology is interdisciplinary science. Ecology is that branch which is used to make study easier about relationship between biotic components/living things and their physical environment(abiotic factors) . Ecology is not synonymous with environment and environmentalism. It also seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals.
There are two types of ecological factors including biotic factors and abiotic factors. Abiotic factors include soil, water, ph, light, temperature, humidity etc. Natural disasters
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Ecology basically shows the population growth, interaction of organisms with physical environment, origin of biological diversity and also shows the competition between the species. It also shows the life processes, adaptations, movement of materials through living communities, and successional development of ecosystems. Importance of ecology contains a wide array of interacting levels of organization spanning micro-level(cells) to a planetary level (e.g biosphere). Like “ecology” the term “environment” has different conceptual meanings and overlaps with the concept of “nature”. Environment includes the physical world, the social world of human relations and built world of human…show more content…
Today , big cities faces environmental challenges including air pollution, increasing energy demands, poor waste management ,all of which directly impact on human health and well-being(UN-habitat 2008). The effects of ongoing human actions in the form of urbanization currently threaten the quality of life and stability of human societies around the globe (UN –habitat 2011).
There are some main issues/crisis that causes ecological imbalances in community/environment. These crisis include globalwarming ,urbanization, deforestation, N2o production, pollution, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, ocean acidification etc. Ecological crisis can be specific or it may also cause extinction of species. Ecological crisis occurs when environment changes in that way that it destabilizes its continued survival. It may be when the situation becomes unfavourable to the quality of life due to raise in no of individuals (overpopulation),may be it is due to the increased predation or less rainfalls

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