Importance And Importance Of Engineering

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Engineering is the practice of science, engineering science and technology which deals with the solutions to problems of economic importance and those that progress the society. Solutions are based on scientific, mathematical and engineering knowledge. It is an important profession; it requires high standards of scientific knowledge and specialized training. Engineering work is important to both economic activity and to national development of a nation, engineering work, also involves health and safety, environmental factors, economic and sustainability that must be managed. Ethics deal with moral duty or obligation, this gives a set of governing principals that are used to judge whether a particular behavior/conduct is appropriate or not. Ethics is the set of rules and strategies made by the society so that engineers can follow to as a moral obligation to engineering as a profession. These rules are there to ensure professionalism in the world since engineering has more impact on society and development of communities. In the case whereby ethics are followed, dangerous acts often occur. These disasters are often a subject to environmental impact, fatality and costs. It is important that each and every engineer follow and obey engineering ethics.…show more content…
This is a resource that is renewable but that is also subject to degradation if standards are allowed to decline and interest in entering the professions as a career is not promoted. The intrinsic value of professions lies in their essential role and function in socio-economic development. While socio-economic development and the improvement of the quality of life in South Africa enjoys priority attention, professional expertise needs to be nurtured, professional standards need to be maintained and professional services need to be within reach of all
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