Importance And Importance Of Information Management

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The 21st century has been called upon Information Technology in reaching impressive levels of development. Constantly alluded to the information society, conceived as a form of economic and social development in the acquisition, storage, processing, evaluation, transmission, distribution and discrimination of information with a view to the creation of knowledge and satisfaction the needs of people and organisations, plays a central role in economic activity, wealth creation and the definition of quality of life and cultural practices of citizens. Changes of modernity in the political, economic, cultural and technological order have caused that information management is developed and it depends on the complexity of the organisational development of an institution where knowledge management is necessary and indisputable.
The information management ranks, increasingly more space in the economies of countries worldwide. Thus, there is a close relationship between the management of information and knowledge and the quality of the work in an organisation. Taking into account that technologies are necessarily means for transmitting and managing knowledge and information, as essential for development within each organisational element.
With the emergence of the theory of organisation, the importance of information deepened. An organisation is made up of people, material resources and information, so organisations should be considered as information systems system. This work requires
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