Importance And Importance Of Logos

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Importance of logos to brands
In simple terms, a company’s logo is a unique identity that represents the company. The logo appears on all its forms of communication (letterheads, business cards, envelopes, websites, social media platforms and other marketing communication), so once a logo is out in the market, it actually becomes the face of the company.
A company’s logo can be just as important as the name of the company, which is why companies today invest so much time and money in developing their logos and also why the logo forms an important part of the marketing strategy of the company,
Besides giving the company a visual representation, a logo is also provides the legal ownership of a company on a product and provides a legal safeguard against fake products.
A well thought out and well designed logo is not only be unique, but also one that the customers and target audience can relate to. It should not only tell the story of the brand but also instil perceptions about the brand among its customers. Strong logos over a period of time have the ability to tell the story of a brand without using words (e.g. Nike’s Swoosh).
Designing a logo that suits the company and that the brand story requires extensive research during the branding process to gather the required information that includes the company’s vision, product/service offered and the target audience among other information. The logo is the ultimately the final product of the entire branding process.
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