Religion Mediation

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Mediation is a relaxation therapy where in which you focus on one thing. It allows your body to reduce stress and train your mind to stay calm and focused overall improving mental wellbeing while having a good impact on your physical health. The calm that is provided by meditation allows a better quality of sleep and the focus improves athletic performance while the reduction of stress production in brain boosts the immune system. Mediation is a strong focus in all religions, especially eastern religions but in western countries mediation in forms of yoga are becoming more popular to find peace within yourself but also to improve health, even practiced by non-religious individuals. Mediation not only brings us closer to the greater divine but…show more content…
Meditation has a healing and creative power for Muslims therefore allowing for inner growth and bringing them closer to God. The teachings of Muhammad and the Koran include the teachings and symbol story of the Muslim faith which can be conveyed through not only mediation but writing, dance, weaving, architecture, geometry and calligraphy. Thus everything is holy and the religion can be expressed everywhere but meditation allows Muslims to express their religion anywhere and anytime as it does not need any sort of materials such as pen and paper, just a space where they can be close to god. The aim of mediation is to prevent the mind from straying from God. Active mediation through prayer and song bring them closer to God. Meditation is core to the Islamic religion as it not only allows for personal development but also brings them Muslims closer to God by living the word of the Koran and…show more content…
Particularly visuals and imagination of Jesus birth and Jesus death are believed to bring Christians back in time thus coexisting with Jesus, the human embodiment of God but also allows them to reflect on God and learn lessons hidden within the stories. Since the beginning of Christianity repeated forms of prayer have been used to find spiritual peace most popularly the Rosary where in which people repeat the Hail Mary and the Our Father to feel God with them. Orthodox traditions of Christianity use icons as a focus from meditation. The focus within Christian faith is found within the heart which deepens the understanding of Jesus sacrifice therefore unlike Eastern religions Christians do not aim for enlightenment but instead a deep personal relationship with God. The most common form of meditation in Christianity is through prayer in which believer connect and reflect upon God through a passage from the Bible followed by through consideration of its meaning. Christianity is the most unique in its form of mediation compared to other religions but none-the-less meditation is very common within Christian
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